wilderness graphics, inc

You know those signs you see along the trail as you go for a hike in your favorite state park? At Wilderness Graphics, I was able to write those signs.

At Wilderness Graphics, a turnkey exhibit design and production company, I learned what it means to be part of a team. Between interacting with clients to plan the best possible exhibit for their needs, to writing text for signs, blog posts, and multimedia exhibits, I saw projects from start to finish.

 I focused on creating text that was short, simple and engaging to help visitors learn about their surroundings and gain a deeper appreciation for nature, wildlife and history. 

In addition to writing text for signs, I wrote proposals and concept plans for clients and prospective clients. The proposals I wrote showcased our strengths and talents in order to win incredible exhibit jobs. The concept plans I helped write acted as Step 1 in the entire process, as we worked with clients to develop an idea of what we could create to meet their needs. 

To the left are a few projects I worked on in my two years with the company. Check out their website and browse some blog posts I wrote to highlight some of our projects.